March 20, 2023
Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Game Online | Rules, How to Play, Tips and Tricks, Variations

Andar Bahar Game Online | Andar Bahar, also known as Katti. It is a very simple, yet immensely popular card game that originates from India. It has exploded in popularity on online and live casinos as of recently.

The main reason for this game’s popularity is its simplicity, although the premise of the game still makes it very exciting to play. Do you want to know more about online Andar Bahar? Get to know everything and find the best Andar Bahar casino!

How to Play Andar Bahar🎮

How to play Andar Bahar game
How to play Andar Bahar game

The games start by the dealer dealing one face-up card which he or she places in the middle of the table in front of the player. This face-up card is called the game card and it is what will determine how the round is played and when it ends.

Next, it’s the player’s turn to place his bet. The goal is to predict on which side – andar or bahar – that the next card with the same value will show up.

After that, the dealer proceeds with dealing one card at the time on each side of the table until a card with the same value as the game card is dealt. If the player placed his bet on andar and the same-valued card is dealt on andar he wins but if it’s dealt on the bahar side, he loses.

Let’s take an example:

The dealer deals a 5 as the game card and the player bets his money that the next card with the value 5 will be dealt on the bahar side. The dealer then starts dealing one card on the bahar side and one on the andar side and after a few cards have been dealt, a 5 is dealt on the bahar side.

That means the player won and that the round is over. In case the 5 had been dealt on the andar side, the player would have lost.

That’s it.

Note: If the first card that’s dealt (the game card) has a black suit, the dealing starts on the Andar side and if the card has a red suit, the dealing starts on the Bahar side.

Andar Bahar Card Game: Rules and Odds🃏

Andar Bahar rules
Andar Bahar rules

As mentioned several times before, Andar Bahar is a very simple game and the rules are as basic as they can get. The game is also completely random but since the odds are always 50/50, you have a fair chance of winning when playing it.

Andar Bahar game is played with one player and one dealer using a standard 52-card deck. All the cards have their regular value meaning 2 is the lowest and the ace is the highest. Also, the game of the goal is not to build specific hands so there are no card combinations that you have to memorize.

Moreover, the game features a unique playing table where the player and the dealer are facing each other. In between the two, there are two sections: one is called Andar (meaning left) and the other one is called Bahar (meaning right).

And that is all you have to know to start playing but to give you an even better idea of how the game works, we’ll walk you through a round of the game in the section below.

Online Andar Bahar Bets & Andar Bahar Payout 💸

Andar Bahar Bets
Andar Bahar Bets

Betting on Andar Bahar is piece of cake. You only have two possibilities, unless there are Andar Bahar side bets available, which often isn’t the case. Choose for the following Andar Bahar Bets:

First bet

The first round starts once the Joker is shown. You can pick to bet on either Andar or Bahar. The first cards will be dealt on Bahar and the next ones on Andar. If the first card that was dealt on Bahar is a joker, that means all bets on Bahar will have a 25% Andar Bahar payout and the Andar bets lose. If the first Joker ends up on Andar, all Andar bets will be paid even money and Bahar loses.


Second bet

Once there is a card drawn for both Andar and Bahar sides and the Joker isn’t exposed, the dealer will allow you to place your second bet. If the first card of the 2nd Bahar bet is a Joker, all 2nd bets on Bahar will get 25% of the bet. The first bet on Bahar will even get more!

Different versions of the Game📚

Andar Bahar game Variations
Andar Bahar game Variations

Many other guides are mentioning several different variations of the game but there are essentially only three different versions: 

Live Andar Bahar: Play with real live dealers and other players.

Online Andar Bahar: Single player.

Speed Andar Bahar: A faster variation of the classic game.


Other than that you have a few different game providers offering the same game:

OneTouch: an app-based game developer. 

X-Pro Gaming: Live casino provider that offers Andar Bahar.

Ezugi: Live casino provider and developer that offers basic Andar Bahar. 

Super Spade Games: Local game developer in India that offers Speed Andar Bahar and a classic version of the game.

XProGaming: Game Software provider that offers a basic version and a more advanced version. 


Andar Bahar Tips & Tricks💡

Andar Bahar Tips & Tricks
Andar Bahar Tips & Tricks

Every online casino player wants to win as often as possible right? We have some Andar Bahar tips available for you in order to improve your winning chances when playing real money Andar Bahar.


Learn the Andar Bahar Game Rules

A top Andar Bahar tip, that is also applicable to other online casino table games is to be informed. Get to know as much as possible about online Andar Bahar before you start playing. Think about the Andar Bahar terms, Andar Bahar game rules, the Andar Bahar bets and more.


Look for Variations

Not all online Andar Bahar games are the same, there are tons of Andar Bahar variations available at the live casino. Often the base of the game is similar, but details might be different. You might for example be able to place additional or Andar Bahar side bets. Absorb all the information in order to up your winning chances!


Place Smart Bets

When playing online Andar Bahar, you can only choose between two bets. Some online casino players swear that betting on Andar maximizes your chances of winning and lowers the house edge. This is only applicable when the first card is drawn after the middle one is drawn to the Andar Bahar box. No matter which side receives the first card, they have a 51.5% chance of winning. The other side has 48.5% chances.


Be aware of the Table Limits

Players can get carried away when playing Andar Bahar game, so they forget about table limits. Always check the table limits of the live casino game you’re playing. Especially when you play live Andar Bahar with side bets.



Self-discipline is very important! Set up a budget before you start playing and stick to this budget. Never chase your losses!

When you’re new to Andar Bahar, we advise you to start with lower bets to avoid over-spending


Online Andar Bahar Strategy 📈

Andar Bahar Strategy
Andar Bahar Strategy

Although online and live Andar Bahar are luck-based games, there are a few strategies that could help you maximise your wins! Improve your Andar Bahar game with these Andar Bahar strategies:

Andar Bahar Martingale Strategy

This strategy originates from roulette but can be used for almost every online casino game. Although the martingale strategy has the highest efficiency when you play games with a 50/50 chance.

This Andar Bahar strategy works as follows:

Every time you lose a bet, you double your bet in the next round.

Every time you win a bet, you go back to your starting bet value.

This strategy has variations to it, which are the following:

Grand Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy: The strategy that you use, stays unchanged. Although every time you lose, you add an additional sum to your original bet.

Anti Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy: This is the opposite of the usual Andar Bahar Martingale strategy. When using this strategy, you double your bet when you win and go back to your start bet when you lose.

Hot or Cold Strategy

Not all Andar Bahar strategies are based on statistics, some are rather based on beliefs, just like the hot or cold strategy. With this Andar Bahar strategy there is a table that show the lastest winners of Andar or Bahar.

Do you believe in hot or cold? If you believe in the cold strategy, you base your bet on the side that has had the least wins to win. 

If you believe in the hot strategy it’s the other way around. You base your bet on the sad that has had the most wins to win.


Mobile Andar Bahar 📱

Mobile casinos are gaining in popularity quickly. It isn’t a surprise that you can play mobile Andar Bahar, is it? 

The only thing you need is to find the best Andar Bahar casino, get your mobile or tablet, make sure you have a steady internet connection and start playing.

You can make use of Andar Bahar Apps or mobile friendly casinos. No matter if you use an Android or Apple device, you can easily download the Andar Bahar app from the Playstore, App Store or casino site. Get ready to play and win!

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money At the Best Andar Bahar Casino💰

Best Andar Bahar Casino
Best Andar Bahar Casino

In India, all transactions done in currencies other than Indian Rupee (INR), are considered a currency exchange and is taxed and regulated as such. Netbanking and Internet banking is offered at almost all our recommended casinos. We do however recommend our users to use an in internet wallet such as Neteller, Paypal, or Skrill as they are faster and have a higher success rate. Due to the complex nature of the gambling laws, some banks wrongfully block payments. We are sure they have their customer’s best interest in mind but this can get in the way of you making a successful deposit. 

It’s worth pointing out that a vast majority of the time the deposit and withdrawal will be accepted by local banks.

Another important thing to point out is that in India, transactions other than Indian Rupee (INR), are considered a currency exchange. This means they are taxed and regulated under current currency tax exchange rates.

There are certain risks associated with an online casino and betting on sports that you have to be aware of. This includes the game of Andar Bahar. 

Firstly, you always run the risk of losing the money you bet which is why you need to set a budget and never play for money that you can’t afford to lose.

This is one of the most basic rules of online gambling and it should not be taken lightly. Second, you also run the risk of becoming addicted to gambling. This is a common problem that can happen to anyone so you need to be careful and monitor your own gambling routines.

Also, if you ever suspect that you might become addicted to gambling or if you can’t control the urge to play, you have to stop playing immediately and get help.

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