March 20, 2023
Flush Card Game

Flush Card Game Online | Rules, Variants, How To Play Guide 2022

The Flush Card Game, also known as Flash or Teen Patti, is an Indian three-card betting game. It was based on the Three-Card Brag, a popular English game in South Asia. While the game found its origin in India, it is now widely popular across almost every part of the globe.

Here, we will look at some of the key aspects of this game like how to play, game rules and different flush card variations. By looking at those, you can easily take a deep understanding of all the basics of the game.

Flush Card Game Variations

Flush Card Game Variations
Flush Card Game Variations

There are several variants of the Flush Card Game and you may require a minor change or variations in the style of play. Here, we present to you a list of some of the most common Flush card variations.


Instead of being handed three cards, each player is dealt four cards from which to create the best three-card combination.


The numbers in each hand are ranked differently in this version. In a three-of-a-kind combination, the highest-ranking numbers are A-A-A, but in this version, the highest-ranking numbers are 2-2-2. On every hand, the same reversal occurs. Muflis is the name for this variant.

Wild Draw

In this variant, the dealer deals three cards to each player while also opening one random card and placing it on the table. Any player holding the same number as the open card can use it as a wild card, or an imagined card.

Low Wild

The player’s lowest-numbered card can be used as a wild card in this version. If a player possesses a pair of these low cards, they are both regarded wild cards and can be utilized as such.

High Wild

In this version, the player’s highest numbered card might be used as a wild card. If a player possesses a pair of these high cards, they are both regarded wild cards and can be utilized as such.

Two Lowest Wild

Each participant is dealt four cards, two of which are wild cards. The two lowest cards in a player’s hand are considered wild cards if they appear in a pair. The catch is that if the two middle cards make a pair, the player is unable to construct any wild cards.

Best Card Draw

Each player receives three cards in this version. The dealer then discards one card and places it face down on the table. Any player who holds the same numbered card must fold. They can continue playing the game if they don’t have that same numbered card in their hand.


Each player is handed a combination of three cards, some of which are in his hand and the rest of which are face down in this version. Hole cards are those that are face down, while street cards are those that are face up.


Each participant is dealt two face-down cards, similar to Texas Hold’em Poker. The remaining cards are dealt in the middle of the table, which is shared by all players and can be utilized to form a three-card combination. In this variant, you have two choices.

Only one card is opened in the middle of the three-card community, in addition to the two cards handed to each player. In the five card community, three cards are opened in the middle in addition to the two cards provided to each player.


Each player is dealt three cards in this version, making a full hand. Players can discard unwanted cards and ‘buy’ fresh cards from the dealer by placing money into the pot. For the first three rounds, each participant has this choice. This option of discarding cards and buying new cards is no longer available after the first three rounds. A round only allows each player to discard and purchase one card.


Each player receives a full hand in this version. The players must arrange their automobiles in such a manner that the total of all the numbers on the cards equals 999. A person with a trail of 9s is the winner in this version. All face cards and cards with multiple numbers have a value of zero in this version.


Each player receives a full hand in this version. Each suit’s wild cards are the Ace, King, Four, and Seven. If any of these cards in any suit are in a player’s hand, they can act as jokers or wild cards.


Each participant receives a single card in this version. Every participant must contribute a set sum to the pot. After then, the participants must display their cards on their foreheads for everybody to see. They are unable to examine their own playing cards. The winner is the highest card.

Blind Kind and Jack

Each player receives four or three cards in this version. These cards can be used as wild cards by any player who has a king or jack with only one visible eye and a side profile.

The game has a lot of different variants. Many people create their own adaptations of the game to suit their preferences, and these variations can even be played online.

What is a High Card Flush Game?

High Card Flush Game
High Card Flush Game

Another version of the game is the High Card Flush. Because this game is played against the dealer, it is distinct from the others. There is just one acknowledged hand combination in the game of High Card Flush: the Flush. High Card Flush is won by the person who has the highest cards in their hand.

In this game, the Ante and the Raise are the two betting options. The Ante is a wager that must be put at the start of the game, whereas the Raise is a bet that can be placed at the start of each round. The player and dealer both receive seven cards in the High Card Flush, and they must make a flush with the highest cards to win.

A seven-card flush beats a six-card flush, which beats a five-card flush, and so on. The High Card Flush follows the same principles as Flash or Teen Patti when it comes to folding. The player can fold his hands at any point, but he will lose his stake.

In comparison to Flash or Teen Patti, the High Card Flush may be played with two or more individuals.

How to Play Flush Card Game?

How to Play Flush Card Game
How to Play Flush Card Game

=>A random dealer is chosen. Everyone receives three cards, which are dealt clockwise. The player to the left of the dealer places the first bet. Around the table, the betting continues clockwise. To remain in the game, each player must either place an additional bet or fold.

=>The amount you must invest to remain in the game is determined by the current stake. It also depends on whether you’re playing blind or with other people.

=>The current stake is the smallest wager at the start. The current stake is the wager made by the person who put the wager before you throughout the game.

=>Before betting, players can either glance at their hands (playing shown) or put their cards face down on the table( blind)

=>At any moment throughout the game, blind players might choose to view their cards. A blind player becomes a seen player once their cards are seen.

=>You are a blind player in case where you did not look at your cards. If the player who bets before you is spotted, you must wager at least half of the current stake OR the current stake amount. For example, if the player in front of you bets $20, you have the option of betting either $10 or $20.

=>If the person playing before you is blind, you must either wager the existing stake or double it. For example, if the player before you is blind and has placed a bet of $20, you can place a stake of $20 or $40.

=>If the player who bets before you is visible, you must either equal or double the existing stake. For example, if the player before you bets ten dollars, you can bet ten dollars or twenty dollars.

=>If the player before you bets blind, you must bet at least twice or four times your existing stake. For example, if the player in front of you is blind and bets 10, you can stake 20 or 40.

=>The betting will continue until one of the following scenarios occurs:

  • All players have folded their cards except one. In this situation, the final player (winner) receives the entire pot regardless of the cards held, and his cards are never shown to anybody else.
  • All players but two fold, and one of the final two players pays for a show on their turn.
  • Both players’ cards are shown and compared in this situation. The winner is the one who has the best hand. If both players have the identical hand, the player who did not request the reveal is the winner.

What are the SHOW rules in Flush Card Game?

SHOW rules in Flush Card Game
SHOW rules in Flush Card Game

=>There can’t be a show until there are just two players left.

=>The current stake represents the wager made by the person who placed the wager before you.

=>If the opposing player is blind, you must demand a show on paying the current stake.

=>You must request a performance in exchange for half of the present investment. If you see the other player,

=>You don’t get to see your own cards until you’ve paid for the show in both circumstances.

=>If you are a seen player and the opposing player is blind, you might demand a show for double the current stake.

=>If the other player is seen, you might ask for a show for the current stake.

=>If all the players are seen, then, during your turn, you might ask the player betting immediately before you for a compromise right after betting the minimum amount (which is double the current stake). A sideshow is another term for it. Accepting or refusing the compromise is up to the player.

=>When the deal is struck, the two players compare their cards individually. The player holding the lowest card must fold. If they are tied, the player who is seeking a compromise must fold.

=>If the compromise is rejected, the betting resumes with the next player following the one who requested the compromise.

What to do when you don’t have any more Money to Bet?

When you run out of all your money, you can choose to keep playing or fold .You may either deposit additional money from your main account or go all-in to keep playing. On the other side, when you go all-in, side pots are set up to determine who wins.

A side pot is a distinct pot to which only a few players contributed, and hence no one is entitled to win. When a player goes all-in and other players keep betting more than the all-in player, a side pot is created.

Key Tips to Win Flush Card Game

Flush Card Game Tips
Flush Card Game Tips

1. Make small bets initially: When playing Flush Card games, give yourself a long run to optimize your earnings. Start small and gradually increase your stakes. This will let you to play more hands while stretching your money. Simply said, the more hands you play, the better your odds of winning are.

2. Play blind: Blind is the real fun in Flush cards. It’s a wager made without ever seeing your cards. Play as many blind bets as your budget and judgment permit. You boost the stakes for all of your fellow players when you do so. When the stakes are high, players allow their emotions rule their judgments, making them simpler to interpret.

3. Don’t deem any card as bad card: In Flush Card games, there are no such things as bad cards.It’s an exciting game in which you must estimate your opponents’ cards. Players frequently act rashly, folding or raising stakes at the drop of a hat. Players will occasionally fold their hands, even if they have a better hand than you. Here’s your chance to win a hand even if your cards aren’t great.

4. Practice more: Flush Card games are not for the faint of heart. To make money, you must outsmart your opponents with your inventiveness, talents, and confidence. These qualities are developed via practice. Your game awareness, strategy, and execution will improve as you practice.

5. Control your emotions: Flush Card games and emotions have an odd relationship. Emotions obstruct rational thought, resulting in some regrettable judgments. Consider risking excessively with weak hands out of boredom or folding too soon out of fear of losing. When playing a skill game like Teen Patti, it’s best to keep your emotions under check and let logic take over. Take a pause if you’re having trouble resisting the urge to let your emotions rule your decisions.


Flush Card game may push you to put high bets at time. Yet, you must not go by your emotions and must always take an informed decision. Besides, the above-mentioned guide would help you in placing your first bet in Flush Card games.

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