June 8, 2023
Ludo Game

Ludo Game Online – Rules, How to Play, Tips & Tricks

Ludo is an ancient Indian game that dates back to 3rd century. This popular game is simple to learn and enjoyable for both youngsters and adults at the same time. Because of Ludo’s astounding popularity, it has spawned versions such as Parcheesi and Sorry. Ludo game has a long history behind it, and you will undoubtedly become a fan!

The main objective of the game is to be the first to move all of your game pieces around the board and into the last square. The number rolled on the dice determines how the game pieces move around the board.

When there are many game pieces on the board, players must pick a specific one after rolling the dice. A player can opt to scroll the game piece 6 spots or bring a new piece out of the home zone after getting 6 on the dice roll. 

Ludo Game Rules

Ludo Game Rules

Just like any other game under the sun, Ludo game comes along with its own set of rules. Here, we have listed down the rules of ludo game down below.

  • Game pieces always travel clockwise around the board, and corners are always jumped.
  • When a player completes a move by landing on a spot occupied by another player’s piece, the opponent’s piece is returned to their starting area.
  • A block is formed when a player completes their move by landing on a space with another of their own piece. An opposing piece cannot fall on or pass through a block.
  • A player who rolls a 6 gets to move and roll again. If a player rolls three consecutive 6s, their turn is over.
  • Ludo is played on a square board with four colored bases in each corner. The start position is the first colored spot outside of each base. A path circles the board clockwise, returning to a path of the same color as the base, and then to the home column, which goes to the central home triangle.
  • Four different colored sets of playing pieces begin in their corresponding bases. There are four playing pieces in each set. The pieces’ movement is controlled by the provided die.
  • 2 to 4 players begin by arranging their pieces in their respective bases. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice, with the highest roll going first. The other players follow in turn during the game in a clockwise direction.
  • Each player takes a turn and rolls the dice to choose their next move. The object of the game is for each player to move all four of their pieces around the board once clockwise, up the home column, and into the home triangle.
  • A player must first roll a six to move a piece from the base to the starting position. The same piece is now in action. Besides, a player is not allowed to make any more movements until at least one piece is in play.
  • If a player has a piece or pieces in play, he or she can move any of them 1 to 6 spaces along the route depending on the number rolled.
  • If the player rolls a six, he can either move a piece from his base to the start position or move a piece already in play.
  • When a six is rolled, the player receives an additional roll following his move.
  • The player loses his turn if he rolls a six three times in a row.
  • If a player’s piece collides with an opponent’s piece, the opponent’s piece is returned to his base, where he must roll a six to move it out onto the beginning square again.
  • When a player arrives on a place that is already occupied by one of his own pieces, that area is blocked. An opponent’s piece cannot travel through or land on a blocked area.

Claiming the victory 

When a player’s piece reaches its own color’s home column, it continues its journey to the center, to its home triangle. When a player’s dice roll places his or her piece on the home triangle, the voyage is over. Only an accurate roll may advance a piece to the home triangle.

The player who has all four of his pieces complete their trips first is deemed the winner. The game is continued by the remaining players to select the runners-up.

How to Play Ludo Game Online?

How to Play Ludo Game Online

Ludo is one of India’s most famous board games, so it’s no surprise that online Ludo, a digital version of the game, is one of the country’s fastest-growing and most popular multiplayer games, rivaling PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty in terms of fan base. As we practice social distance and observe lockdowns all around the world, the game has only grown in popularity as a means to pass the time while remaining connected to friends and family.

Ludo Online is a simple game that can be played on both Android and Apple devices. The visuals aren’t spectacular, and the dice might feel rigged at times, but it’s still a lot of fun to play. We’ve spent endless hours playing this game with friends, and it’s so simple and enjoyable that we have no difficulty recommending it to others who don’t often play games.

Before you get started, you and your pals need make sure that everyone who wants to play the game has downloaded the online Ludo app from their individual app stores. On both the Android and iOS App Stores, Ludo online is available for free with in-app purchases. To begin, follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Play and download Ludo on your Android phone. Similarly, if you have an iPhone, you may download the game through the App Store.
  • Open the game and log in as a guest after it has been installed. You may link your Facebook account if you like, but it’s not required to play with friends. Continue with the setup after selecting the guest option.
  • You’ll see the game’s main menu when the setup is finished. You may play Ludo with your pals by default.
  • Start by tapping Play with Friends to play the game with friends who aren’t nearby.
  • Choose your color on the following screen. You’ll find two options underneath it: Create and Join. Create lets you make a room and produce a code that your friends may use to join it. If you wish to join a friend’s room instead, simply hit Join room and then input the private code to join the game.
  • Set an entry-amount once you’ve created a room (the minimum is 100 coins). You’ll now be given a ticket to share with your friends so that they may participate. You may send this code to anybody using WhatsApp, SMS, email, or any other app.
  • After everyone has joined, hit Play to begin the game.
  • To begin, simply press the dice to take your turn. You may also speak with your pals in the game. To do so, simply touch on the chat box above your avatar’s head, type your message, and send it. You may also send each other entertaining emoticons by pressing on the gift symbol over your friend’s avatar. 

Ludo Tips and Tricks

Ludo Tips and Tricks

Here are some crucial ludo game tips and tricks that you may use to win your next game.

  1. Separate all of the coin pieces.

One of the first ludo strategies to employ is to get all of your coins out of the home base as soon as possible. If you just utilize one or two coins to advance with each dice roll, you’re taking excessive risks and might be murdered by your opponent shortly. 

When the number on the dice is low and you can’t rescue a key coin from the opponent with that number, opening all coins provides you greater options while moving them. As a result, concentrate on putting all of your coins to use as quickly as feasible.

  1. Arrange your coins on the table.

If you wish to get a strategic edge in a ludo game, scatter your coins throughout the board. If there is no opponent around, strategically placing your money allows you to move them about freely. If you have two coins in the same spot and are surrounded by opponents, moving any piece might result in your coin being murdered instantaneously. Furthermore, you may use this approach to prevent your opponents from reaching their houses and therefore win the game.

  1. Use an offensive tactic.

Even when victory is on the line, the most exciting element of ludo is attacking opponents. You should put mercy aside and embrace an assaulting tactic in ludo to become unbeatable. Before you murder your opponent’s coin, you should carefully consider the danger.

 If your coin is in the first or second quadrant, your strategy should be to attack your opponent even if it means risking your coin. If your coin is in the third or fourth quadrant, however, you should only assault your opponent if you can get away to a safety distance. As per ‘The Rule of 7,’ the safer distance is always at least seven steps ahead. This rule reduces your odds of being killed by making your opponent less likely to score a 6 and 1.

  1. Stay Patient 

One of the most important ludo tips for winning the game is to be patient. If your coins are in the board’s star-shaped zones, for example, your opponents cannot kill them there. It’s advisable to leave the coin in the safe zone if you don’t receive a decent number on the dice, especially if the opponents’ coins near yours. 

Instead, you can move other pieces that are already in danger or aren’t in the safe zone. Patience is essential for the protection of your money, since one mistake move might send your coin back to the base, forcing you to start again.

  1. Try to block the way of your opponent

Distracting your opponent is a strategy for securely bringing your coin into the house. When one of your coins gets close to your house, your opponents will keep a watch on it and try to grab it. You must block your opponent’s onslaught by chasing their pieces in order to rescue your pieces. 

Staying at least seven steps ahead of your opponents is a solid strategy because their chances of achieving that number are slim. The safest spot for your coins on the board is at least seven steps ahead of your opponents.


Understanding the rules of the ludo game is critical before implementing the aforementioned ludo tips and techniques to improve your winning percentage at the game. If you are new to ludo game, make sure you master all of the rules so you can apply the ludo techniques more effectively. You’ll learn how to keep your tokens safe at all times, when to capture your opponent, when to risk pushing your token to the last quadrant, and more.

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